Rising Above The Negativity in Your Work Environment

Beauty Energy Health by BLH

Pied Piper of Positivity

happiness-450369_640.jpgIt is difficult to fight your way out of the vortex of negativity which can exist in the professional environment.  As many of us can attest, there is always ONE person who seems to have the innate ability to be a pied piper of negativity, and possibly, quickly bring down an entire team.  As a leader, it is imperative to perpetuate a positive and engaging environment and vanquish the negativity.  This can be a challenge and there are ways to effectively overcome the ‘negative Nancy’ infection that may gestate and pervade your team.  While I come from a holistic and naturalist family of Native Americans, and I myself practice Buddhist philosophies, I am not necessarily condoning the use of sage or pink Himalayan rock salt…unless you just happen to have some on-hand…LOL – an alternate set of solutions are readily available:

  • Genuinely look forward to every day…

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